Josh Dominikovich is a music producer, song writer, sound recordist and session musician based out of Wellington, New Zealand.

Since his early childhood years, Josh has been fascinated with songwriting and creative expression through music. Study in Bachelor of Commercial Music programme at Massey University saw Josh’s raw talent and wide range of inspiration honed into a distinct craft. This has seen two separate personal projects come to realisation. Bruiser is an acoustic based, soul and folk influenced project exploring themes of love, grief and spirituality. ndrwjhn delves into experimental territories, birthed out of a desire to explore the sounds already occurring in any one environment and manipulating them into song. At the start of ndrwjhn’s journey Josh made the decision to exclusively use only sounds created by sources outside of the traditional musical sphere alongside the human voice, all of which he records, treats and arranges himself. ndrwjhn’s first release will be available on in early 2019.

A multi instrumentalist primarily specialising in drums and guitar, Josh also works as a session musician in both live and recorded settings. Josh is currently playing drums for bands Same Name Confusion and Ghost Who Walks - both bands touring nationally and gaining critical acclaim. As a drummer Josh is well versed in a number of genres including soul, funk, rock, pop and hip hop.



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