In mid 2018 I took a short boat trip with a friend from Wellington to Matiu/Somes Island, the largest of the islands in the middle of Wellington’s Harbour.

I discovered on arrival that I had left my Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 running overnight and had drained its life completely, luckily I had a Tascam DR44WL on hand as a contingency measure. With high spirits and bags full of gear we couldn’t use we set off on a 5 hour hike over and around the island, this sample pack is made up of some of the sounds we found.

Some sounds included are:
Shells cracking
Sand movements
Oyster catcher wings flapping
Assorted wood and metal hits recorded inside of the concrete gun emplacements on top of the island.
Water lapping
Wooden jetty creaking

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Matiu is owned by Maori iwi Taranaki Whānui and managed by the New Zealand Department of Conservation. The island has a rich and fascinating history, has been predator free for nearly 30 years and is now the site of a scientific reserve.

You can learn more about Matiu/Somes Island here. It is a truly breath taking place and I’d encourage anyone, whether local to Wellington or from further afoot to make their way out there some time.

PS. I spent the whole day longing to get close enough to a bird to hear some wings flapping but to no avail. I was packing my gear up at the end of the day as we were waiting for a boat to pick us up when two Variable oyster catchers perched right in front of me. I gently took my Tascam and hit record, slowly inching closer and closer until they spooked and flew away, right in front of the microphone. This day was full of beautiful moments, but this sample in particular I will forever treasure. I hope it brings about some of that same joy to you, however you use it.